​CA S A  F O A   2 0 1 9 

Cajas Atomo were presented in Casa FOA Buenos Aires in collaboration with Di Marco - Badía
Architects. With the aim of making a space with a powerful personality, the boxes where designed
in two shapes: One was rectangular in a dark grey color and the other one was round in a bordeaux.
They both completed a transparent glass display case that ran throughout the space.

Silver Medal

Collaboration with Di Marco Badia Studio

CASA FOA: Solidarity initiative created in 1985; it is a space for the free development of creativity to
promote culture of argentinian design and its value as an agent of social an economic trasnformation.
The actions carried out by Casa FOA are generators of design trends; it is a platform for launching
products and a space where designers and architects show their ability to solve the challenges of
contemporary living through creativity and experimentation.

Year Completed: 2 0 1 9